Freefall is Back! Your How-To Guide


For those of you who were hooked on Cyber Monday… Gilt Freefall is back! And for those of you newbies out there, here’s everything you need to know about when to visit the site and how it works. Good luck on scoring the best deals!

February Freefall will be the most exciting 15 minutes of your day from 11:45 AM – noon ET on February 11 – 22 (weekdays only). Check in at 11:45 AM to preview the items on sale, then get ready to shop from 11:50 AM – noon. There will be two Freefall sales on our Kids’, Woman’s, and Men’s sites, each lasting five minutes. The sales feature a limited selection of products, carefully curated by our buyers, and as the minutes tick by, the prices drop. You have to act fast — should you risk losing the product to wait for the lower price? It’s up to you!

A unique feature of Freefall: The item’s price is locked in once you select it, and bypasses going into member’s carts. Don’t worry if you already have five items in your cart (the max) — we’ll take you straight to checkout to buy that particular item.

See you at 11:45 AM on Monday, February 11 on These sales are not on the mobile site or apps — don’t miss them!

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