Spring Break is Almost Here!

Because it’s so cold outside, we’ve been thinking warm thoughts. In January, these thoughts included hot chocolate by the fire, but now our minds have taken a turn for the tropics. Spring break is near, and we’re all about the cutest bathing suits and travel gear! If you’re taking a family trip, get your mini globetrotters in gear.

1. Bloch Natalia Sandal, $69 (from $114)

2. Sunuva Floral Romper, $38 (from $69)

3. Joah Love Paulette Dress, $38 (from $70)

4. Floatimini Printed Swim Trunk, $21 (from $38)

5. Floatimini Ruffle Swimsuit, $30 (from $54)

6. Melissa & Doug Trunki, $44 (from $55)

7. BabyBjörn Travel Crib Light, $240 (from $300)

8. Beatrix New York Dinosaur Luggage, $79 (from $94)

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