Molly Sims: Spring Break Packing List

I’ll admit it: Before I had Brooks, I would wait until the last minute to pack for a trip. I would be like a Tasmanian Devil tearing through my closet frantically flinging clothes, shoes, and make-up into a bag, and without fail, I’d forget something — okay, a few things — at home. But that was then. Traveling with Brooks changed everything, because forgetting something for him could make for a bumpy ride. Follow my travel-with-your-baby cheat sheet for a stress-free vacation!


Extra clothes. As much as you try to avoid them, accidents do happen and you don’t want to be caught in a mess with no back-up plan. That’s why I suggest packing two travel outfits for your baby. I like to pack something comfy and easy to get Brooks into —check out Gilt’s baby clothes here.

Triple-paste diaper cream.  This is the unsung hero of your baby bag.

Overnight inserts. It “super sizes” your baby’s diaper protection to help avoid those unfortunate accidents. Next to lost luggage, a diaper disaster is the last thing anyone wants to deal with when far from home.

Pacifier wipes. Brooks already has quite the arm on him. He’ll take anything he can get his hands on and toss it across the room. So, just in case he lets his pacifier fly, I want to be sure I’m equipped with a safe on-the-go cleaning product.

Camilia teething relief cream. Brooks was born with a tooth (Unusual, right?!) so teething was on my mind from day one. There’s nothing worse then when your baby is uncomfortable, and when you throw a hectic travel day in the mix it makes it even harder.

Rescue remedy and gripe water. Upset babies and tummies beware! I want to hug the people who made this product – a happy Brooks means a happy Molly.

BabyBjörn. Two words: Hands Free. I tell all my friends to get used to wearing them. It’ll save you time, effort and the back-and-forth shuffling of your little one on your hip. I can take a phone call, pull my luggage, and wave hello to grandma and grandpa.


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