Teddy for 2: Bears for a Cause

All little kids (or at least the ones we know) find comfort in cuddling with stuffed animals, which is why we love the idea behind the Teddy for 2 bear. Mother-daughter team Sharon Bush and Lauren Bush Lauren (yes, their relatives resided in the White House) have made it their mission to bring this furry friend to sick children. Below, they give us the scoop on their heartfelt endeavor.

1. How did you come up with the idea for the Teddy for 2 bear?
The Teddy for 2 bear idea came about when we learned about Teddy Bears for Kids, a wonderful organization started by the Theodore Roosevelt Association that gives teddy bears to hospitalized kids during the holidays. The original teddy bear was named after Teddy Roosevelt, so it’s only appropriate that we pay homage to him while supporting children who need comfort and love through a difficult time. So when you buy a Teddy for 2 bear, the same identical bear is donated to a child in a hospital.

2. What is the goal of the Teddy Share program, and how many different types of bears do you sell?
The goal of Teddy Share is to educate and empower children as well as support children’s causes. Teddy Share launched with a partnership with my organization FEED. A portion of the proceeds from the FEED 3 and FEED 5 bears helps give malnourished children around the world life-saving Plumpy’Nut food paste. Teddy for 2 is our third Teddy Share bear.

3. Can you tell us how these bears help children in hospitals?
Lauren and I have gone to the Ronald McDonald House to hand out bears with Teddy Bears for Kids, and it’s a really joyful experience. Although it’s sad to see children suffering, it’s clear how happy the simple act of giving them a cuddly friend makes them. Each bear comes with a hangtag explaining President Theodore Roosevelt’s story. He was a sickly child but went on to become president, and he was a great conservationist and outdoorsman too. We hope our bears will bring these kids a sense of love and hope. 

4. How many kids have these bears helped, and how many countries do you distribute them in?
We’ve provided thousands of Plumpy’Nut supplements to children around the world, and hundreds of bears to children in hospitals. The Teddy for 2 bears that we donate go to children in hospitals around America through Teddy Bears for Kids. We are proud of this impact and excited to do even more to help children!

5. How do you hope to expand the program in the future?
We hope to continue to grow our brand while expanding our impact on children’s causes that are bettering children’s lives around the world.


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