Spring Cleaning: Top 5 Ways to Get Organized

We always dread spending a day at home, rummaging through all of our kids’ stuff, figuring out what’s getting the axe. But after it’s done, it’s the best feeling! It isn’t always easy, so we asked mom bloggers and Gilt moms for their best tips on getting the job done. If you need bins, cubbies, storage benches, or other organizational wonders, we can help with that too: click here!

1. Clean out the closets early. In order to avoid a frantic rush for spring break clothes right before you leave for vacation, take a day to go through everything in your kids’ closets to see what still fits. This way, you’re buying only what you need and not what you “think” you need. —Sarah Ollenburger, Juggling in Heels

2. Use labels: Put clothes and shoes that may still fit next fall in a box and label it Fall 2013, immediately. That way it will be easy to find post-summer. —Amy Barton, Gilt Women’s Editor

3. Freshen up the playroom. After the holiday season, I always find myself with a playroom filled with old toys, new toys, broken toys, missing pieces, etc.  Spend a day going through everything, throwing out what can’t be used and donating what the children no longer play with. —Sarah Ollenburger, Juggling in Heels

4.  Encourage kids to help. I made my boys their own cleaning kits with fun dusters and scrubbers, safe cleaning products and a comically written to-do list. Cleaning doesn’t have to be such a chore. —Meredith Sinclair, Hoo-Dee-Hoo

5. Stay organized. Pick a shelf somewhere in the playroom and designate it the “one-at-a-time shelf.” Tell the kids they can only pick one of those toys at a time, play, and put it back. This is especially useful for items with small pieces like puzzles, train tracks, and Lego sets.  —Paula Alonso, Très Chic Mama

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