Interview: Vanessa Lachey Talks Mommyhood

Feminine. Comfortable. Layered. That’s how TV personality and haute mama Vanessa Lachey describes her maternity style. Her sleek silhouettes stood out from the rest, so we asked her to be part of our Baby on Board event. Here she reveals her favorite bump-chic designers and can’t-live-without staples. Plus, learn how she got her 6-month-old son to sleep for 12 hours a night (yes, you heard us right!).

Gilt Baby & Kids: Your pregnancy style really impressed us! Did finding the right pieces come easily?
Vanessa Lachey:
It was an extremely difficult challenge at first. I’m 32, so for 10-plus years I’ve known what fits. But when my body changed I had to start from scratch. I got depressed when I shopped with my girlfriends — I thought things would fit, and they didn’t. Finding my style and wardrobe again involved a lot of trial and error. I spent a solid day of trying on different styles and fits and found what I loved. The maternity style that I came into was a wearable style for when I was pregnant and for when I wasn’t.

GBK: We saw some shots of you wearing Rachel Pally — we’re featuring her looks in our Baby on Board event. What did you love about her designs?
You can wear her clothes when you’re pregnant and after you have the baby. I wore a Rachel Pally dress to my baby shower (see below) and I love the soft, comfy material. I want to sleep in her dresses! They’re flattering in the right places; they’re just the perfect fit.

GBK: We also saw you rocking looks from Ella Moss, Rosie Pope, and Pea in the Pod. Do you have any other favorite maternity designers?
I remember the first thing I did — I wasn’t even showing — was buy maternity leggings from David Lerner in cropped capri and ankle length. I’m obsessed with them! They sit right under the breastbone, and I wore them from my first trimester through my third. It’s a splurge, but I’m still wearing them. I also loved my AG maternity jeans. The maternity piece is dark, not nude, and they grow with you (then shrink back after you wash them).

GBK: What are a few essential maternity pieces every mom-to-be should have?
Layering is the best thing (some moms have hot flashes, others aren’t comfortable with their arms, etc.). Splurge on a classic blazer — I bought one from Helmut Lang that was three times bigger than my normal size. So glad I spent the money, cause none of my normal blazers fit and I wore it a lot. A jean jacket is another essential. I bought one that was two sizes bigger, and when I got back to my regular size, I was happy to give it away.

GBK: All moms-to-be have those days when they’re not feeling their best. What was your go-to piece for those “not so hot” days?
Accessories! Cute sunglasses, a great purse, or a chunky necklace would always make me feel better (shoes used to do this, but not anymore). Focus on these, and you’ll change your outfit and mood. And if I was just hanging out at home, I would wear Nick’s clothes. Ha!

GBK: For a night out with Nick, what was your favorite thing to wear?
Whenever we went out, he wanted me to show off my bump. I felt beautiful in tight dresses that hugged my bump from top to bottom. As I got further along, I covered areas that I wasn’t loving: I looked for knee-length dresses cause I wasn’t crazy about my thighs, and I choose dresses with three-quarter length sleeves that covered my arms.

GBK: As a new mom, what has been your biggest challenge?
The biggest challenge is sleep. I knew babies ate every two hours, but I didn’t believe that this actually went on for 24 hours a day. I used the methods from On Becoming Baby Wise and Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. Baby Wise is kind of a controversial book because of the strict methods used, but I liked that it emphasized maintaining a relationship with your spouse, and it gave me a template to use (wake, eat, playtime, nap). Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child helps me establish Cam’s long-term sleep goals and taught me why naps are important. He sleeps for 12 hours a night now! Getting him on a sleep schedule gave me an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment as a mother.

GBK: What can your fans expect to see on
I just like to give advice whenever I can. I’ve gone through the whole pregnancy process without an older sister or mother. I like to talk about everything from recipes to how I told Nick I was pregnant to cool new products I’ve found.




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