Interview: JoJo Maman Bébé Buying Director

We believe in L-O-V-E at first sight, and that’s exactly what happened when we saw the clothes from JoJo Maman Bébé. The French-inspired Breton strips = swoon! We put the Britain-based brand’s design and buying director, Mel Brown, on the spot…she what she has to say about the “fashionable but wearable” clothes that are fit for royalty (we can totally picture the princess sporting some of these threads!).

What inspires the designs for the collections?
Baby and kids: Our strong heritage of traditional French looks—Breton stripes and simple timeless shapes in quality fabrics — combine with a British sense of humor to make great clothes. We take inspiration from everywhere — we visit cities around the world to see what other people are producing, and we talk to moms to see what they really want. We tend to not look at other kids’ clothes or the latest trends because we have our own signature style; we are more likely to get inspiration from a subway poster in Paris or a children’s toy in Amsterdam.

Maternity: Making great maternity clothes is about striking a balance between comfort and style; too many other brands focus on one or the other. The biggest inspiration has to be our customer. While we visit fabric and trend fairs and source ideas from across the globe, unless the result can be a wearable, practical garment that makes moms-to-be feel great, then it doesn’t make the cut. We use yarns that are kind to the skin and garments that are easy to take care of.

What makes Jojo Maman Bébé stand out from other children’s clothing brands?
Our clothes aren’t mini versions of grown up styles, nor are they too babyish. They strike the perfect balance between too casual and too smart. A quality knitted Breton stripe tee and a pair of twill shorts will have your boy looking ready for fun, not too preppy, but also smart enough for a play date. And what little girl wouldn’t want to spend summer days in a knitted striped dress? Just pull it on and go — it’s easy to wear all day yet smart and stylish.

In your opinion, what’s most important when choosing clothes for your kids?
Practicality. Moms need clothes that are easy to wash and put on wriggling toddlers. The most fashionable item will very quickly get sent on to Goodwill if a child can’t face putting it on. But just because it’s practical doesn’t mean it has to be boring!

What’s your best tip for moms-to-be looking for versatile spring styles?
Layering is key for spring. Our Breton Dress looks great with tights and a cardigan, but will take you through summer by itself.

What are your top three items from the sale and why?
Breton Dress & Nautical Romper, from $25

“We’re all about easy dressing — one piece, great in summer, stylish yet comfy.”

Breton Top, $21

“The JoJo way to look smart yet not too stuffy. Your little one can run and play more comfortably in this shirt, and he’ll look smarter than in any old t-shirt.”

Maternity and Nursing Dress, $63

“This is one of our most popular styles, offering great value with two uses: it looks flattering while pregnant and then can be worn as a nursing dress.”



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