The Best Brands From Abroad

Don’t get us wrong — we love stuff that’s made in the U.S.A., but our buyers headed to Europe to seek out the top brands from a continent known for its fashion and design. We’ll be featuring fabulous clothes and bedding from France, wooden toys from Italy, and perfectly plush playthings from Britain starting Wednesday, March 27. Below are our buyers’ favorites from across the pond.

1. Baba Reversible Vest, $48 (from $99)

2. Tarot Mallot Swimsuit, $31 (from $65)

3. Bricha Dress, $61 (from $125)

4. Festif Bootie, $18 (from $37)

5. Cecile Doll, $30 (from $50)

6. Proverbe Velour Footie, $33 (from $69)

7. Vacances Reversible Duvet & Sham Set, $115  (from $223)

8.  Flot Boat Shoe, $31 (from $65)

9. Bobby Bermuda Shorts,  $38 (from $79)


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