Jacadi: Dress Your Cutie for Summer

As a style-conscious mom of three kids of varying ages (1, 12 and 19), I’ve seen and bought it all when it comes to children’s fashion. But I’m also cost-conscious, so I love chic brands like Jacadi that make high-quality, classic pieces that I can pass down or on to friends. And I’m in good company: celeb moms including Jennifer Garner and Katie Holmes are also fans of this French-based clothier. From striped sailor rompers and plaid frocks to polka dot sun hats and polo shirts, above are a few of my picks from Gilt’s sale. Make sure you’re there Monday, May 13 at noon ET!

— Shanelle Rein-Olowokere
Editor, People.com Moms & Babies

1. Formule Swim Camisole, $20 (from $42)
“A colorful floral top is a great way to make white shorts or pants pop.”

2. Banquette Dress, $35 (from $72)
“Red gingham screams summer.”

3. Briac 2Fer Polo, $36 (from $75)
“Two collars in one? Such a genius and stylish idea.”

4. Fondant Sun Hat, $13 (from $27)
“This polka-dot sun cap is so fun; I wish it came in my size.”

5. Francfort Swimsuit, $28 (from $59)
“Nautical stripes on a classic swimsuit equals tons of cute.”

6. Beret Romper, $30 (from $62)
“Let your tot channel his inner French kid in this simple-yet-chic romper.”


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