Preview: Stroll in Style

Functional and stylish. That’s what our semi-annual Stroll in Style event is all about. When you’re walking down the street — little one in toe — you should look chic. Period. So we’ve found strollers, carriers, diaper bags (and beyond) that aren’t a fashion flop, plus a monitor that lets you watch your baby while you run errands. Our senior buyer (and mom) Melissa tells us her five favorites, all of which will be on sale starting Wednesday, June 5.

1. Bugaboo Donkey
“I love the Bugaboo Donkey because it’s basically a “one stroller fits all.” Whether your looking for a stroller for one kid or two, you name it, this stroller has it.”

2. Wifi Baby Monitor
“This monitor allows for video and monitor-streaming straight to my iPhone! Being able to view my baby while I’m in the office is amazing.”

3. Ergobaby
“Ergobaby’s organic carrier is a must-have. You can use this from birth up until your child is 40 pounds. I’m only 5 foot 1, and it makes carrying the baby so much easier with no backache.”

4. Danzo Diaper Bag
“This diaper bag brand is genius — pockets for everything means no more digging for the rash cream or pacifier. Added bonus: It doesn’t look like a diaper bag — it’s stylish!”

5. Babyage Body Pillow
“This was my lifesaver for the last five months of my pregnancy. Without it, no sleep would be had. Between hip, rib, and back pain, I could not have survived bedtime without this amazing invention.”


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3 Responses to Preview: Stroll in Style

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is the worst web site I have been trying to look at strollers for a half hour and all I can see is the $800.00 one

  2. Anonymous says:

    The sale doesn’t go live till noon ET today. Check back then and you’ll be able to see everything.

  3. Anonymous says:

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