Giuliana & Bill: Their Favorite Things

There’s a reason why so many people love this vibrant couple: They’re easy to relate to (despite their celebrity status). The working parents share the joys and challenges of life — including raising their son Duke — on their eponymous Style Network show, which airs July 16 at 8/7c. And they weren’t shy when we asked them which baby items they couldn’t live without (they’re all on today!). We played a little game of Mad Libs with the dynamic duo — see what’s on their radar right now.

Describe each other in three words:
Giuliana about Bill: Strong, loyal, loving
Bill about Giuliana: Strong, beautiful, funny

Coolest part about having your own show: We love that we’re able to reach many, many people to share our story that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to. It’s the best feeling in the world when someone comes up to us and thanks us for sharing certain aspects of our lives that are hard to talk about. Hopefully we have been able to touch many lives by sharing our struggles with infertility and my breast cancer diagnosis.

Favorite date-night spot: Nobu Malibu

Favorite fashion designer:
Giuliana: Valentino
Bill: Gucci

The cutest outfit Duke owns: A custom three-piece suit that my father, Eduardo DePandi, made for him. He is an expert tailor and we will definitely keep that suit forever!

Favorite activity to do with Duke: Take him to the park! He loves to go on the swings.

Biggest parenting challenge: Balancing work and home life

The milestone you’re most excited for: Duke’s first steps! We have dreamed of that moment for so long, and he’s getting so close.

Best advice for new parents: It’s okay to feel a little stressed at times. Don’t let it get in the way of enjoying the precious little day-to-day things with your new baby.


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5 Responses to Giuliana & Bill: Their Favorite Things

  1. Anonymous says:

    THEY ARE SO LOVELY….I admire that couple very much….EdmaFarrell from Florida.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I loved this couple from the start but then were able to completely relate to them as I was diagnosed with breast cancer 9 years ago when I had just finished weaning my 10 month old daughter from breastfeeding and was planning her 1st birthday. Well, despite still being able to have children of my own we opted for an egg donor and surrogate and we now have a little sister for my daughter. Our miracle baby is 3 now and she is wonderful and so are we! Praise God! And Congratulations to this beautiful family!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m an Italian Grandma in Naples, Fl and we are going to move to Long Beach to be with my wonderful daughter her husbund Mark and 3 beautiful Grandchildren under 7!
    Watching Giuliana and Bill makes me so happy! Like my own kids…… So neat, acctrative and smart:)I never miss a show.
    I love her parents so much….. Makes me miss mine! They are so cute:)
    I want my Grandchildren to learn "to make sauce" Mimi ( that’s me) needs to be in California soon!
    You are the most adorable couple I have seen in years…… I have cried tears for you both and am so happy God has blessed you….. All three of you! Duke is amazBALLS!

    One of biggest fans!
    Joanie Arcuri Preece

  4. Anonymous says:

    They are such a cute couple and great parents. It’s always nice to hear about celebrities living normal lives as parents as opposed to some of these who can barely call themselves parents at all. Oh and their baby is pretty cute too!


  5. Anonymous says:

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