Líllébaby Carriers: 3 Reasons You Need One

Is this the mother of all carriers? Parenting.com calls it “the most perfect baby carrier on the market.” And Baby Gizmo, a site that reviews gear, says it takes three carriers to find the same features Líllébaby put into one. According to Líllébaby founder and mom Lisbeth Lehan, the Líllébaby Complete (above)  is called “complete” for many reasons — here’s her top three.

1. Six perfect positions: Depending on your preference and the baby’s age, carry your little one on your front, hip or back. Let the baby face in, out or sit in the fetal tuck position.

2. Comfy for all ages: It takes you through all the baby-wearing years, from your 7-pound newborn to your 45-pound toddler, with no additional insert. While other “wide seat” baby carriers have a gap when the carrier doesn’t fit, the Líllébaby adjusts so you can carry during the months when the baby is too big for the fetal position/infant insert, yet still too small to sit with her feet around your waist in the wide seat.

3. Ergonomically sound: It’s the first carrier with a contoured seat that lets the baby’s legs spread apart naturally in the forward-facing position. The wide support is more comfortable for your baby and you can let her face forward and follow her natural urge to see and learn. It also has neck support for little ones and lumbar support for parents.

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