Serena & Lily: Meet the Designers


This dynamic design duo makes it easy to spice up your space: Add a decorative rug to your decor or hang the perfect pop-of-color curtains in your little one’s room. “Started by two amazing women with a passion for beautiful interiors, Serena & Lily’s designs brighten every home, every room, every day,” says Alexis Maybank,’s co-founder. Here, the pair gave us a chic peek into the brand and their homes. Don’t forget to shop our Serena & Lily sales on Friday, October 4.


Coolest thing about S&L: We’re a happy brand and that reflects in our use of color and pattern. Being in California infuses the brand with a sense of expressiveness, celebration, and unpretentiousness.

Design inspiration: Inspiration really is everywhere  — from the streets of Morocco to my own backyard in Sausalito. I love traveling the world to get a fresh perspective on colors, patterns, textures and techniques.

Favorite items from our S&L sales: The Mohair Whipstitch Throw is so cozy and yummy, perfect for this time of year. And I love the candy-store appeal of our Kids Fouta Bath Towels. The colors are really punchy and fun for the bath.

Favorite item in your home: Paintings and sculptures from my grandmother. My home is full of her work and it’s a daily reminder to stay true to my own artistic vision in whatever form that takes.

Best decorating advice: Pay attention to your surroundings and learn to notice what you love.


Coolest thing about S&L: Our brand is about living well, creating special moments with family and friends, and making your home unique and personal. Those qualities are evident in every product we put out.

Design inspiration: I always try to create a space that’s beautiful, but also livable and fun. I have 3 young boys, so nothing can be too precious!

Favorite items from our S&L sales: The French Tassel Window Panels are to die for. If I had a little girl I’d be all over these, and I’m putting the black ones in my guest room.  Also, the Strata Rug — I love the boldness of the black and cobalt together. I’d pair this with all white sofas and pops of black.

Favorite item in your home: The framed “50 things I love about my wife” from my husband. He gave it to me on our 10th anniversary and it means the world to me.

Best decorating advice: Don’t underestimate accessories. It’s those one-of-a-kind accents, like a great textile from your travels or a pretty blanket folded at the end of the bed, that add individuality.

 Caption: Lily Kanter & Serena Dugan


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