Easter With Babble: “CupcakeMAG” Dishes Style Tips for Little Ones

When it comes to getting your kids camera-ready this Easter, CupcakeMAG blog founder and editor Casi Densmore-Koon says it’s all about having fun with their outfits — and making sure they’re comfortable, of course. In need of some age-appropriate inspiration? If you like dressing them in trendier clothes (which Casi likes to do), she suggests mixing and matching classic prints, and adding accessories like bow-ties for boys and sparkly necklaces for girls. And if you prefer the more traditional route, she says that pastels are definitely the way to go. Considering a bonnet? See what Casi has to say about that and more, plus, shop her Easter outfit picks on Gilt today.

Gilt: What kinds of trends are you seeing in Easter clothes this year? Are traditional things like pastels still big?
Casi Densmore-Koon: Lots of color, hipster formal, and pretty patterns! For boys, it’s about dressing up the board shorts style with a button down, tie, and suspenders — topped off with a Newsboy cap. For girls, you’ll see some sequins, but mostly it’s fun prints in pretty colors and fabulous shoes. As for the accessories — a fun necklace, rosette headband or floppy hat is always a must. Pastels will still be big because they’re the hues of the Easter season; they just will be more on-trend in a floral print or fun silhouette.

Gilt: Any tips for choosing the perfect Easter dress? Is a bonnet passé, or is it the one opportunity a year to go for it?
CDK: Look for a dress your little darling will want to stay-in all day long and that they can wear again! Stray from a formal dress that will just sit in the closet. Looking for separates helps too! It doesn’t always have to be a dress. Instead, dress up a fun floral skirt with a simple tee and cardigan — all things they can wear again.

Go for it! I love a classic bonnet if it fits well with the dress. If you want to update the bonnet, go for a fun floppy hat. You know that adorable straw hat you use for the beach? Tie a coordinating ribbon around it to spruce it up and you’ve got a new bonnet for Easter.

Gilt: How can you dress your little guy to look Easter-appropriate?
CDK: My go-to uniform for my guy is a button-down plaid shirt paired with a gingham bow-tie in a coordinating color, loafers, classic striped shorts or simple pants topped off with a fedora. I love to play up the patterns!

Gilt: What’s your philosophy when it comes to kids fashion in general?
CDK: Mixing and matching is so much fun! I love pairing stripes with polka dots or dressing-up a classic piece. I love staying up on the trends — honestly, sometimes my kids have cuter clothes on than me! I love having fun with their wardrobes — no Plain Janes here!

Gilt: Any tips for getting a jeans-and-T kind of kid to want to dress up this time of year?
CDK: Make it fun! Take them shopping with you, let them have some input on the experience of dressing up.

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