Easter With Babble: “The Little Things We Do” Shares DIY Decor Tips

Just because you have children doesn’t mean decorating for Easter has to look like Little Bunny Foo Foo hopped through your house — just ask Lauren Hartmann of The Little Things We Do blog, who says it’s all about pairing sophisticated items you own with a bit of festive decor, which your kids can help create. The Babble blogger and DIY pro is all about making this and other Easter projects, like decorating eggs and creating the perfect Easter basket, fun and stress-free. Which includes having things pull double-duty whenever possible, like using a cute, reusable storage bin (see her favorites in our Easter decor sale), rather than a “cheesy plastic version that will get tossed long before the next Easter rolls around.”

Gilt: What are some of your favorite unexpected ways to decorate for Easter?
Lauren Hartmann:
One thing I really like to do when decorating for any holiday is to start out by considering a color palette. For Easter that would mean fun springy colors and/or pretty pastels. I then begin decorating by grouping items I already own from around my house that fit that particular color palette. Books, vases, wall art, etc., I then curate those items into little vignettes throughout my home. It makes the rest of the more holiday-specific decor feel more cohesive.

Gilt: What’s the best way to involve your kids and let them be a part of the process?
Let them help create art! Give them paints or oil pastels that fit the color palette you’re going for and let them create! You can give them some direction if you’d like or work on a collaborative piece, and in the end you can create a great little gallery as a focal point in one of the areas of your home. I also love letting little ones help with the egg decorating process. The eggs can double as decor and snacks for later! And don’t forget to check out Pinterest for tons of fun and unique egg decorating ideas.

Gilt: How can you create the best Easter basket? Any traditional elements that absolutely must be in there? Any novel ones that are a fun addition?
I like to choose a non-traditional vessel as an Easter basket rather than a cheesy plastic version that will get tossed long before the next Easter rolls around. Consider choosing a basket that can double as toy storage later—I love items that can pull double duty! Some of the traditional musts in our Easter baskets would are chocolate eggs and fun bunny-centric items (think a bunny stuffed animal, bunny night light, bunny stickers, etc.). I also try to sneak in a few items that aren’t as holiday specific, but are still fun—bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and the like. Anything that can be turned into an activity!

Gilt: Any tips for someone who thinks they’re so not a DIY-er to ease in?
Don’t let Pinterest and blogs intimidate you! DIY what seems simplest and most stress-free and just buy the rest, or work with items you already have on hand. Holidays should be fun, not stressful, so keep in sweet and simple.

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