Baby on Board? Gilt Moms Share Their Best Tips

Our Baby on Board event has everything you need — from essential car seats and furniture to super-soft onesies and blankets — to bring your brand new bundle home. But even the best gear can’t compete with tried-and-true advice from a pack of pros, AKA our own Gilt moms. We’ve hit them up for their best tips and tricks for surviving a new baby:

Kids Merchandising Director Melissa Keswin with her daughter, Esmae

Melissa Keswin: Kids Merchandising Director
“Crib them! Early! And do it with sleepsacks. Our son would not sleep through the night without them—Aden & Anais or Halo have kept his nighttime routine simple and consistent and he sleeps comfy and cozy every night.”

Priscilla Polley: Senior Manager, Styling
“Forget the stroller — a baby carrier (BabyBjorn etc) is a city girl’s best friend and makes navigating public transportation and 5th floor walk-ups a breeze.  And for the first six months, always bring along an extra change of clothing… just do it…”

Jennifer Miller: SVP, Corporate Communications
“Who knew, on top of everything else, moms are supposed to be experts at swaddling? When I was pregnant with my daughter I thought I had read all the books to prepare for a newborn, but I somehow missed this chapter.  I was very thankful that you can find swaddle blankets with velcro (and so was my daughter).”

Alexandra Wilkis Wilson: Founder & Head of Strategic Alliances
“Tights with ruffles on the bum for baby girls. I love the ones by Hanna Anderson and Babidu. They look so cute and put together as they crawl about with their bums exposed.”

Amy Barton: Senior Editor, Women’s & Kids
“Three words:  Kimono-style onesies. No one said how terrifying it would be to dress a tiny bobblehead baby who absolutely hated things being pulled over her head, and these tie-front clothes (which I stumbled upon) are super easy on and off.”

Michelle Peluso: CEO
“The best advice I ever got was to spend your life helping your child be the best version of the person he or she is (and not the person you want him or her to be). I’ve always loved that.”

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