Meet Six-Year-Old Style Icon Alonso Mateo (& His Chic Stylist Mom)

f-GilteGroupeSix-year-old style icon Alonso Mateo has a few secret weapons up his impeccably-rolled sleeve, namely, his celebrity stylist mom, Luisa Fernanda Espinosa. She takes inspiration from street style and the runway to create a series of looks that their 400,000-plus Instagram followers fawn over, and we’re officially smitten, too. We enlisted the hyper-stylish duo to create covetable outfits using some of Gilt’s favorite pieces—shop the sale now, then read on to find out more about their style secrets, preferred shopping spots, and more.

StyleFile: How did you start documenting Alonso Mateo’s outfits on Instagram?
Luisa Fernanda Espinosa: Two years ago, I discovered Instagram and started posting pictures of special moments of our life here in California, Mexico and on our travels.

SF: Did you anticipate that you guys would gain such a big following? Have you been surprised at the incredible reaction?
LFE: Never!  This is a huge surprise!

SF: Where do you shop for his wardrobe? 
LFE: We shop everywhere from flea markets, to boutiques, and also gift shops from our travels.

SF: Where do you get inspiration for the looks you put together? Do you shop for pieces with a certain look in mind, or do you find items and build looks around them?
: Inspiration comes from high-fashion menswear designers and international street style.  But we always have an element of his father’s style in the mix.  We find his favorite items, and build the looks from there.  For example, Alonso Mateo loves his sunnies, and they tend to depict a certain trend that sparks ensemble ideas.

SF: Six-year-olds grow so fast—how do you keep up with his ever-changing sizes? Does he ever outgrow a great piece before he’s had a chance to wear it? And is that heartbreaking, or what?
LFE: If the shoes are too big – insoles; if the pants are too long – we cuff or cut them. I’m always coming up with creative improvising solutions.  I’m careful about our purchases, making sure we aren’t making wasteful selections. It is always heartbreaking to see your child grow up so fast.

SF: What do you do with clothes once he’s outgrown them? Are you saving them, or is there an amazing Salvation Army somewhere in your neighborhood we can go raid? 
LME: I do a couple things with Alonso Mateo’s clothes once he grows out of them.  There are special moments in his life where I like to save certain pieces and put them away in a box, so that when Alonso Mateo has a family and children of his own he can share the memories tied to the clothes with his children and grand children.  We also share clothes with his many cousins and friends.  Currently we are working on a private project where we can make even more impactful donations to those in need of the items we have been so blessed to acquire.

SF: He is such a natural in front of the camera…has he ever expressed a desire to model or act?
LME: Alonso Mateo, you see (I say this with a chuckle), is a very intellectual “geek” for his age.  Although he enjoys pulling off these charming looks, he expresses the desire to do things like “be an astronaut,” a “world explorer,” “a classical music composer,” “an artist.”  Always, at the end of these conversations replies “I don’t know… but I’ll figure it out when I get older.”

SF: Alonso Mateo, what is your favorite outfit? Are there any men whose style you admire? 
AM: I really like wearing cool and comfy stuff.  I like sunglasses, sneakers and sometimes cool suits like my Dad.

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