Mini Mag’s Editor-in-Chief Talks Celeb Supermoms & Summer Must-Haves for Kids

We partnered with Mini magazine — one of our favorite reads for modern parents —  to share our top summer steals for kids (on Gilt today at noon ET). And to help kick off their latest issue (on newsstands today), Mini‘s Editor-in-Chief and all-things-kids guru, Kaitlyn Kirby, gave us the scoop on cover mom, The Chew co-host Daphne Oz, her summer must-haves, and new kids’ brands she’s loving, including the makers of the adorable headband North West wore at her first birthday party.

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Little Inspirations: Did Daphne have any tried-and-true tips for other first-time moms?
Kaitlyn Kirby: Yes, in terms of style must-haves for other moms-to-be, she said, “I figured out early on that wearing loose clothing often just makes you look bigger, so I tried to wear stuff that fit, but that wasn’t tight or uncomfortable. I loved stuff from Zara and found some great items at, too. Kimonos were a thing of mine for a while, as were pretty babydoll dresses, and of course great leggings and tops.”

LI: Does being the daughter of Dr. Oz mean she was privy to pregnancy tips most women aren’t? What advice did he share?
KK: Daphne said how helpful her dad was during her pregnancy, full of great advice! However, she found that the best wisdom came from his experience as a parent even more than a doctor. “He reminded my husband John and I to take time to support each other and reconnect,” she told us.

LI: What are the must-have products for kids this summer?
KK: A lightweight stroller! Summer is the season for travel and having a great baby carrier or lightweight stroller to navigate your travels easily can save you so much headache. I love the Bugaboo Bee and the Bumbleride Indie 4 strollers — so chic and great for summer. Also, bright or printed swimwear! Perfect for spotting kids at the beach or pool and a fun swimsuit can just make swimming and splashing so much more fun!

LI: Any new kids’ brands that we need to know about?
KK: New brands I’m currently loving are Tiny Cottons, Welkin NYC, Freshly Picked, and Rhyla (adorable baby turbans and headbands that even little North West rocked for her first birthday!).

LI: What’s it like working with celebrity moms? Do you find they approach motherhood a little differently since they’re in the spotlight?
KK: I have learned so much from each celebrity parent I work with — from time management tips to beauty and style must-haves that allow you to look great in a rush. Everyone has their own approach to parenting, based on what works best for their own family, but I’ve found each and every mom, spotlight or not, is learning to tackle the work/life balance and keep all of the plates spinning. It’s all about finding that inner Mommy Chic — the mantras, the routines, the fashion and beauty staples that help them feel put together even if they also put the cereal back in the fridge this morning (yes, it happens to celebrities too).

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