Up All Night? New Sales Just for You… Plus, Gilt Moms’ Tips for Getting Baby Back to Sleep

If you’re up into the wee hours — feeding, pumping, we’ve been there! — enjoy some retail therapy with our Up All Night series, launching tonight at midnight ET. Score must-have sleep essentials, from sound machines to swaddles, to help get your baby back to bed. Plus, steal these tried-and-true bedtime tips our Gilt moms were happy to share.

orig Lindsay More Nisbett, Creative Director
“When Lilibee was tiny, she loved falling asleep on top of me, but I would gradually try putting her down awake. This has helped her learn to fall asleep on her own, and has been so helpful! Even when she wakes up now, at five months, I might sooth her for a minute, but then put her back down awake, and she eventually nods off. So I have gotten back countless hours of my life, which would have been spent cradling, rocking, singing, and gently (and usually unsuccessfully) trying to put the baby down without waking them up – all of which I did with my son!”

Melissa Keswin, Baby & Kids Director
“Get a super-loud noise machine — I swear by the Homedics Sound Spa. Riv sleeps best when it’s cool and cave-like — dark and noise free. His room is right off our living space so with my older daughter running around at night, this little machine can block out anything. Also, when you are ready (everyone is at different times), letting them cry it out for a little at a time truly helps!  It took 10 months, but after multiple cry-it-out attempts, Riv finally got it and now sleeps soundly 7:30-7!”

Becca Brody, Baby & Kids Buyer
“I would wrap Charlie up in his Aden + Anais swaddle blankie, give him his lovie to suck on, and rocked him to sleep in my arms. He’s almost 10 months now and I still have to do this sometimes!”

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