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Schoolbags for Kids: 5 Questions for the Founders

Our love for cool accessories started during the elementary school years (we couldn’t wait to pick out new backpacks). Of course, now it has come back to haunt us — we can’t resist the newest designer purse! But if we were in school now, we would get our backpacks from the same company every year. In addition to having a whole bunch of styles and colors to choose from, Schoolbags for Kids gives back to children in need. We sat down with founders Kalon Gutierrez and Luis Garcia for the inside scoop.


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Back-to-School: Top 10 Must-Haves

Pressure’s on, parents. For kids, the first day of school is the most important fashion day of the year. You have to find the most adorable dress, trendiest graphic tee, and coolest backpack. We were just flipping through some of our old first-day photos…yikes. Not sure what our parents were thinking! We’ve made it easy: here’s a little lesson in style smarts, from playground-chic clothes to after-school essentials.


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