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Lisa Curran’s Advice for Baring it All at the Beach

Whether you dread it or embrace it, swimsuit season is here – and to help you find the best one for your body, we asked top swimwear designer Lisa Curran to share her expert tips and tricks. “It’s the least amount of fabric you wear in public and it should fit flawlessly,” says Curran, who started her line in 1997 after one too many fit frustrations of her own. “You have to go with what works for you,” she says. “We are not all built the same, nor do we have the same skin tone, so be careful of trying to follow the trends.”

And to help determine what that is for you, here are a few tricks to…

Enhance a small bust: “Ruffles are a pretty and feminine way to enhance your bust. Plus, triangle tops and tops with a little padding will help.”

Flatter your midsection: “Choose a suit with shirring at the sides or one with details that draw the eyes upward: A print, different coloring, or embellishments on the neckline or shoulder straps.”

Fake longer legs: “Go with a bottom that’s higher cut on the sides and one without too much coverage in the seat area.”

Bonus tip! Before trying on any suit, Curran says hitting the salon for a simple mani-pedi and bikini wax goes a long way in helping you feel ready when it’s time to peel off the layers.

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