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Matteo’s American-Made Bedding Makes a Subtle-Yet-Strong Statement

Sometimes it’s good to be just a little untucked; to give the iron a rest and let a few wrinkles remain; to make your bed, but leave it just a bit unmade.

It’s not easy to master this unpretentious, not-overly-pressed look, and then marry it with sublimely luxurious materials. But there’s one company that gets the formula right — and it’s all made right here in the US.

Founded in 1996 by Matthew Lenoci, Matteo makes its bedding in a workshop adjacent to the company’s Los Angeles design studio. “All our products are cut and sewn in-house,” says Lenoci. “The constant circulation between design and production yields a fertile creative environment.”

To wit, workers take the materials (some of the world’s finest; a standout is the 600-thread-count cotton sateen) and sew them way, way slower, and with more stitches per inch, than the industry standard. Every sheet is made to order, then hand-inspected before being shipped.

“This hands-on component is a critical part of our company,” says Lenoci.

Another standout feature is the way the sheets are finished: Matteo is one of the very few companies to garment-dye their products after they’re cut and sewn, in a reactive dying process that chemically bonds the color to the fabric. They use local dye houses with low-impact, eco-friendly dyes.

This dying process results in not just a beautifully soft feel, but also an elegantly, subtly vintage look. And, style-wise, they create the perfect casual-chic picture, only getting better with time, washing and wear  — just like your best cashmere sweater and jeans.

That simplicity was one of Lenoci’s goals. “We want to make it easy to live in,” he says.

Matteo’s color palette is also easy to live with, transcending fleeting fads in favor of something a lot more timeless: white, black, and a host of neutrals in between, from steely grey to beige (“People have too many choices these days,” says Lenoci. “We wanted to keep it simple”). These smoky, serene tones will never result in a “what-was-I-thinking?” moment, and go with virtually anything you’ve got going in your room either color- or style-wise.

The result? Elevated basics you can live with for years. It’s unfussy, enduring style and laid-back luxury you’ll be rushing home to dive into every night.

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Best for Baby: Top Picks for Munchkins

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