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The Honest Company: Win 6 Months of Diapers!

In the beginning, there are NEVER enough diapers. You’re going through 10 a day. “Wait, we’re almost out of diapers AGAIN?” seems to be a new-parent mantra. The Honest Company, an eco-friendly brand founded by superstar mom Jessica Alba, partnered with Gilt to give one winner 6 months of diapers, wipes, and cleaning supplies (worth $695). Maybe you can spend the extra money on a mini vacation — you’ll need one!

Click here to enter. If you’re a Gilt member click “Sign in here,” if not, type in your e-mail and click “Join now” (you will only be able to enter once). There is no entry form or confirmation — just sign in, and you’ll have a chance to win. The contest will last until Friday, June 14. For the official rules, click here.

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