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One Jackson: Submit Your Own Designs

Because we live and breathe kids’ clothing, we often find ourselves daydreaming about designs and styles only tiny trendsetters can pull off. If this is also your procrastination method of choice, we’ve found an outlet for your creative energies: One Jackson. Submit designs for boys’ clothes via the company’s website, and then the public votes on your kid-friendly creation.

“Submissions range from a few pieces quick-sketched (we’ve even gotten drawings on napkins) to fully flushed out collections on Illustrator,” says Judy Pokonosky, design director. “All pieces in each collection are a collaboration of submissions from designers — it’s like working with 20 designers all at once.” Winners get a cash prize, royalties, and their name and story are included with the design. Um…amazing! Check out our sale featuring the company’s clothes, then get back to dreaming up dazzling designs for tots.


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