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La Perla on The Art of Seduction

Second_Look_PLP_PerlaLa Perla knows a thing or two about desire as their luxury bras, underwear, and more are the most covetable lingerie to grace discerning top drawers. We caught up with Nick Tacchi on their team to learn more about what makes La Perla (launching on Gilt today at 12 PM EST) so seductive, and more importantly, what makes women wearing their lingerie even more seductive.

What makes Italian women the most sensual in the world?


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Psst! We’ve Got the Secrets to Finding Your Perfect-Fit Bra

Ever since Oprah gave the world a wake-up call on finding the right bra–she says 80% of us are wearing the wrong size!–we’ve been on a constant quest to get the lift we deserve. Enter Le Mystère, the brand that believes the right bra can change your life, to let us in on some of their fit secrets.

To celebrate their first-ever Gilt sale, the brand’s director, Jessica Pfister, is sharing some ace tips for finding–and maintaining–a “did you lose ten pounds?” fit.

1. Once your straps are adjusted, you should only be able to fit two fingers between them and your shoulders.

2. The top of the cup should neither bulge or gap. If it’s bulging, the cup is too small or your straps are too tight. If it’s gapping, the cup is too big or your straps are too loose.

3. Underwire should follow the perimeter of the breast and rest gently against your ribcage.

4. “Most of the support comes from the band, not the straps,” says Pfister. It should hug firmly around body and lie horizontally across your back. If it rides up in the center, this means the band is too large and you need to go down a band size.

Bonus tip: “Never wear your bra two days in a row,” says Pfister. Doing so doesn’t give the fibers enough time to rest and retract, which means the band will stretch quickly over time.

Find your life-changing Le Mystère bra now on Gilt!

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Blush Lingerie’s Tiffany Ajmo Talks Style and Holiday Gifts

Talk about good style running in the family! Tiffany Ajmo, along with her brother Justin, has taken over Blush Lingerie, a Canadian intimates company founded by her father. We’ve come to expect styles from the brand that are sophisticated and edgy, boasting superior workmanship, luxe materials, and charming details.

With holiday gifting on the brain, we chatted with Tiffany, VP of Marketing and Sales, about the evolution of the family brand, key staples for your wardrobe, and advice for giving the gift of lingerie this holiday season. Check out the Blush Lingerie sale starting at noon ET on December 7 on Gilt.com!

Q: What are some of the main inspirations for Blush designs?
Retro yet classic, flirty yet elegant, European flair.

Q: How do you think the brand has changed over the past 50 years of business?
Lingerie is now all about fashion — the more colorful, the better! In the past, lingerie collections could not go further than black, white, and nude. Today, our best-selling items include vibrant shades of tangerine, cherry wine, etc.

Q: What is your favorite item in our sale and why?
The Vixen Chemise. It is sexy, vibrant, so unique, and is so trendy! All that being said, most importantly for every woman is that it is so comfortable!

Q: What are the 5 lingerie pieces every woman should have?
Push-up Bra, strapless bra, thong, hipster, babydoll…these items will cover every situation!

Q: How do you recommend gifting lingerie? In terms of taste, sizing, etc?
Most importantly, gift lingerie with the person in mind — of what she loves, not only what you love! Remember that the sexiest woman is one who feels great in what she is wearing!

Q: What is the most important tip for proper lingerie care?
Do not use the dryer!

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Our Picks for The Essential Spanx Wardrobe

If you haven’t looked at the range of Spanx offerings lately, you are missing out! From camis to slips to the ultimate control top tights to the classic Power Panties, you need the perfect Spanx wardrobe to ensure your clothes lie perfectly on your suddenly trimmer curves. Here are our picks of the must-haves every woman should have, and make sure to shop the Spanx sale on Gilt.com starting at noon ET on October 25.

1. The Power Pantie: The classic! It goes under any skirt, pants or dress to make sure you are smooth from your waist to mid-thigh. The fabric is breathable and moves with you so you don’t feel constricted at all, and it alleviates all issues with static cling too.

2. The Hide & Sleek Hi Rise Panty: Want your waist whittled without worrying about a telltale glimpse peeking out from your hemline? Try these full-coverage panties that nip in your hips and waist but work even with shorts.

3. Tight End Tights: Black patterned tights are the cornerstone of every woman’s winter wardrobe, and these not only last longer than the average pair, but they slim you from toe to waist!

4. Hide & Sleek Strapless Full Slip: For all of your sexy little evening dresses, keep lumps and bumps at bay with this stay-put shaper that slips effortlessly over your regular undergarments. And when the dress comes off, you still look pretty hot!

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