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How to Turn a Cape into the Perfect Outfit

Have you ever looked at a cape, thought it was adorable, charming, snuggly…and then walked away, shrugging your shoulders on how to wear it? We feel your confusion, but it’s so simple to wear a cape or a poncho that we created our latest perfect outfit around it!

As always, we’re going to start by discussing creating the perfect base. Start with a skinny pant — a riding pant, stretch jeans, a slim ponte — and then add on a cozy turtleneck. Not only are you creating a slim line to put the voluminous top over, but you are making sure that your top shows outside the cape so you don’t feel under-dressed!

Now, we approached this as an easy weekend outfit, so add on a comfy, walk-anywhere shoe (could we love this season’s must-have smoking loafer for looking pulled-together while giving your feet a rest any more? We think not). Sunglasses make this fit for a movie star, as well as shielding you from chilly winds and snowy glare.

And the final touch — the cape or the poncho! Pop it on top of your bottom layers for a rakish look. A tip we’ve picked up from one of our ultra-stylish buyers — if you are chilly, layer on a leather jacket under your cape for a second, slim-fitting layer to keep your arms warm and give the look of a mixed media topper.

Voila! You are wearing a cape. You go, girl! Shop The Perfect Outfit on Gilt.com, starting at 9 PM ET on November 21.

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