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Rosie Pope: Summer Maternity Style Tips

Right now, one of the hottest topics for moms-to-be is how they’ll beat the heat come summer. Contrary to popular belief, your bump isn’t a style barrier. We chatted with maternity extraordinaire and Mommy IQ author Rosie Pope — she gave us the 411 on looking chic and comfy all season long. Check out her tips, then shop the looks here.

Gilt: Which colors and patterns are in for spring and summer?
Rosie Pope: Kelly green and emerald green are everywhere, just like they are in women’s fashion. Nautical stripes are big, and this goes against the maternity grain. People often think stripes make them look bigger, but that’s only true if they’re tiny and close together. Look for pieces where the stripes are two inches apart, and it will create an optical illusion — your bump will look smaller! Also, islet fabrics are a huge maternity trend. Normally this type of fabric would be hard to pull off (because it’s stiff), but if the lining underneath is stretchy, you and your bump will be stylish and comfortable.


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Q&A: Rosie Pope Launches Her New Book

We’re pretty sure there aren’t any baby-related questions that can baffle Rosie Pope. She puts perplexed parents through her baby boot camp on Pregnant in Heels and viola! Couples emerge confident that they can conquer the hardest job on the planet: Parenthood. We sat down with this multitasking mama and grilled her about her new book, Mommy IQ. Plus, we asked her for advice on how moms today can have it all.


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Ask Rosie Pope Your Questions!

Somehow, the Pregnant in Heels star has found time in her schedule to chill with our Facebook fans. On Wednesday, September 25 at 12:30pm ET Rosie will be live on our Facebook page, ready to answer any burning questions you have about maternity wear, parenting, babies, and beyond. Her new book, Mommy IQ, (which debuts October 2) is packed with info. Unlike other books out there, this one will keep you entertained. Don’t miss out — like our Facebook page now to participate.

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