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5 Questions with Kristin Petrovich, Co-Founder of sjal Skincare

Inspired by their mutual desire for a streamlined skincare regimen, mother-daughter duo Karen and Kristin Petrovich created their own simple but highly effective holistic line. In the ten years that själ has been in business, they have successfully combined their personal interest and knowledge of Eastern and alternative medicines with Western biotechnology. We are thrilled to have själ Skincare on Gilt.com, starting at noon ET on November 5, and equally thrilled that Kristin took time out of her of her busy schedule to chat with Gilt StyleFile about the brand, holistic skincare and more.

Q: What makes holistic skincare different than regular skincare?
själ integrates eastern medicines with bio technology and is infused with gemstones and precious minerals for a complete yet, well-edited approach to holistic skincare. The products are nutritionally complete, multi-tasking and result-oriented, not to mention easy to use.

Q: Face oils are experiencing a surge in popularity right now. Why do you love yours? What makes it special?
The själ saphir concentrate is an extremely versatile, easily absorbed, anti-aging face oil. It has a beautiful essential oil blend which is combined with 3 key anti-aging ingredients including a bio marine oil for boosting and increased energy, a lavender complex functioning as a natural ‘botox’ complex and a plant extract which acts as a retinol without any aggressive side effects. It’s perfect for winter months, dehydrated or overworked skin and may be used alone or layered with other products.

Q: Running a small family business can be intense! How do you balance family and work life?
I’m still figuring it out but, I think busy, hectic lifestyles are today’s norm. For me, flexibility and prioritization are key. I find its also important to listen to your instinct as well as your body. If I am physical or mentally run down its not good for my family or the business. Honestly, I just try to enjoy and feel grateful that to have the opportunity to do both.

Q: Can you explain bio-osmotic energy?
For själ, bio-osmostic energy is derived from the use of precious minerals and gemstones. There is physical matter in these ingredients which function as natural anti-bacterials, assist with cellular regeneration, micro-circulation and clarity. However, minerals and gemstones naturally vibrate at a higher frequency. Keep in mind, all matter has frequency or energy. Higher frequency is positive for our cells (i.e. lower frequency can lead to illness, disease, stagnation, etc). Frequency or energy is osmotic- providing a transference of energy on a cellular level. We like to look at it this way, if our universe is 2% matter, 98% frequency we want to ‘program’ our products with a positive frequency/energy naturally occurring in gemstones.

Q: What is your favorite product in the line and why?
I don’t necessarily have a favorite but, I would say the Kura Intuitif is great cream which may be used as an all in one.

Q: What is the most important thing that most women aren’t doing for their skin?
We need to make sure that we are not using fillers in the base of our products as they tend not penetrate into the skin but rather create a layering or coating on top of the skin. You always want the first layer to be your vitamins and nutrients. This way you receive the long term benefits of healthy, vibrant skin.

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