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Why We ♥ the Bugaboo Cameleon Neon

Pop of color. This must have been on the Bugaboo designers’ minds when they created this bad boy. They stepped out of the box by using fluorescent accents on the wheels, logo, zippers, and harness buckles, adding a touch of brightness to the buggy. It was a design risk that totally paid off, but we’re not surprised that this baby brand successfully transformed a stroller into a stylish accessory. Here are our top three favorite things about these hot wheels.

1.  Rough terrain is no obstacle: Just flip the handlebars so the swivel wheels are closest to you. That way you can easily maneuver around bumps for the smoothest ride possible.

2. The base is car-seat adaptable, so transferring your tot from the car to the stroller is completely fuss-free.

3. Our senior buyer, Melissa, says it’s important for the handlebars to be comfortable (you’ll be spending a lot of time with this stroller). With the Bugaboo Cameleon, it doesn’t matter if you’re 5’1 or 6’3 — the handlebars are adjustable.


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Stroll in Style: Our Top 5 Picks

It’s not easy to cruise through the first few years of parenthood, but our goal is to make the ride less bumpy. We chose our five favorite items from the Stroll in Style sale (starts Wednesday, September 19 at noon ET), and there is a lot more where these came from. The carriers, strollers, and more make transporting your tot easy. Oh, the places you’ll go!


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Top 5 Reasons You Need the New Bugaboo

We’ve been waiting for these wheels to arrive for months. We not-so-secretly wish we were talking about our dream car, but this stroller is just as cool (although built-in speakers would have been nice). Bugaboo’s new Cameleon3 by designers Viktor & Rolf is finally making its debut on Gilt Baby & Kids. You know that amazing feeling you have right after you get your first car? That’s exactly how you’ll feel when you buy this couture cruiser. The company only made 200 of these babies, so be ready to shop  at noon ET on Wednesday, August 22. Bugaboo’s brand manager, Amanda Bogues, tells us why this stroller is stealing the spotlight.


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Three Reasons You Need a Baby Cargo Stroller

We’ve tested some sweet wheels in our lifetime. The Mustang convertible in college, and then once we had a few kids, we got the big six-seater we always said we’d never get. Along with the family came the strollers, and since these weren’t the types of wheels we were used to, we took our research seriously. We were in the market for something lightweight, but (and we hate to admit this) it needed to look cool too. The stroller from Baby Cargo was the jackpot, and here’s why.


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