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4 Tips to Buying Vintage Jewelry Online From the Experts at Portero

Portero LuxuryIf you love vintage jewelry, but are hesitant to buy it online, you’re not alone  but you are missing out. There are stunning, unique pieces to be found, by iconic names like Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, and more, at great prices. To help you get past your reservations, we asked Alexis Clarbour, Director at Portero  a reputable destination for pre-owned luxury jewelry, handbags, and more, on Gilt today  to share her top tips for shopping vintage jewelry online.

1. Do your homework: “It’s important to make sure you’re buying from a trusted source. Research the person or the company that you’re buying from, as well as the item itself.”

2Look for hallmarks: “If you’re buying vintage designer jewelry, examine its hallmarks or maker’s marks [see the Cartier ring above], as they can change depending on the period of a certain brand.  For example, Van Cleef & Arpels’ 1960s markings look different than the modern day markings. Hallmarks can also help you find the provenance of a certain piece.”

3There is beauty in imperfection: “Estate pieces may have some patina or light dents from normal wear and tear, which I think are part of their charm.”

4. Don’t be fooled: “If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. If you see a Cartier bracelet priced for $200, it probably isn’t what’s advertised.”

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House of Lavande Brings Old School Glamour to Gilt

Retro powder blue convertibles. Tabby concrete sidewalks lined in coconut palms. Lounging beachside with classic cocktails. Palm Beach has always been the destination for old-school glamour and American royalty — just ask the Kennedys, the Pulitzers, or even the Trumps. No wonder this Florida enclave is also the home of famed vintage jewelry boutique House of Lavande.

Nestled neat from the historic Breakers Hotel, the illustrious boutique is home to prestigious costume jewelry finds, showcasing iconic looks from decades past, including Studio 54-era lucite and 1920s Art Deco gold. Tracy Smith, founding jewelry-lover and Palm Beach mainstay, has traveled the world from Paris to London to Toronto combing estate sales, flea markets, and private deals to secure the most glamorous baubles around.

Here at Gilt, we are thrilled to welcome the return of House of Lavande’s rare vintage jewelry. Each unique piece is a collectible in its own right, and the stunning baubles on offer are sure to provide show-stopping elegance for years to come. Check out glittering cocktail rings, geometric statement necklaces, and floral-inspired earrings. It’s no wonder so many of Tracy’s curated finds have been spotted on Hollywood starlets like Taylor Swift, Olivia Wilde, and Rose Byrne, decked out in the House’s gems everywhere from movie premieres to the Met Gala.

Shop Rare Vintage Jewelry by House of Lavande on Gilt.com, starting at noon on November 14.

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Make a Statement in Rare Vintage Jewelry from House of Lavande

There are pieces of jewelry that you toss on every day, the simple little things like a trusted bangle or a simple chain necklace. And then there are the pieces that you pull out when you need an outfit totally revolutionized by your choice of jewelry. That necklace that everyone will stop you to ooh and aaah over, those earrings that make your face look just much more luminous, and that ring that helps you make any point oomphier.

Look no further for your next perfect statement piece than House of Lavande’s curated selection of rare vintage costume jewelry. The collection was launched by jewelry connoisseur and collector Tracy Smith, who is as passionate about style as she is about quality. Whether you want a statement necklace from the ’20s like this Czech glass stunner or mesmerizing crystal chandelier earrings from the ’60s, there is a piece for you!

Shop Rare Vintage Jewelry from House of Lavande for the first time on Gilt.com, starting at noon ET on August 31!

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