Dr. Oz Loves the Teeth-Whitening Tanda Pearl — and It’s Coming To Gilt.com

Tanda may be best known for their amazing skincare devices — which use powerful energy pulses to tackle everything from acne to the signs of aging — but their wonder products hardly end there. Tanda’s teeth whitening system, The Pearl, has been racking up accolades ever since it hit the market. (Check out a video about the Pearl here.) More than a few Gilt staffers are planning to snatch one up when they go on sale on Friday, May 4, but don’t take our word for it! Coincidentally enough, pop culture’s favorite MD, Dr. Mehmet Oz, who is also a fan of the Tanda Zap, just called out the Pearl out on his show. A few choice quotes:

“All it takes is five minutes a day, for five days in a row. Very simple.”

“Pearl uses the best technology out there to clean teeth, whiten, brighten, and remove stains.”

“A sure, quickfire way of cheating the aging process.”

Convinced? We promise you won’t be disappointed. Shop Tanda Facial & Personal Care Devices on Friday, May 4, at noon ET, on Gilt.com.

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