Gilt Chat with the Expert: Lori Taylor, Global Pro Lead Artist at Smashbox Cosmetics

Smashbox Cosmetics is coming to with an amazing range of products built from years of photo-shoot know-how. So who better to tell us how to achieve the ultimate in LA beauty (from beachy natural to red carpet glam) than the brand’s lead makeup artist Lori Taylor? We hit her with our burning questions and she answered with all the wit and wisdom you could hope for! Shop Smashbox on on May 8, starting at noon ET.

Q: What do you love most about Smashbox? What drew you to working with the brand?
The brand as a whole! Being able to collaborate with our creative department in creating a theme for seasonal makeup collections, working with product development to choose colors and products that reflect our studio brand personality, shooting with Davis Factor to create beautiful images that are reflective of the collection and finally seeing these products become favorites of the everyday woman to be used in real life. It’s an amazing process.

Q:What’s your “hero product” from Smashbox?
Photo Finish Foundation Primer! It creates the perfect canvas for foundation application, minimizes pores and fine lines and keeps your makeup looking fresh longer. It can even be used to tame frizz in hair!

Q: So, why should we all be adding primer to our makeup routine if we don’t already use it?
Primers have changed the way woman wear makeup. In the past 6-8 years many brands have stumbled upon what we have always known at Smashbox— makeup is best applied to skin that has a smoother, softer texture. Primer is key for helping makeup look fresher longer by prepping the skin, filling in fine lines and minimizing pores. Smashbox primers do everything from correcting color, adding hydration and adding luminosity to keeping skin matte and makeup looking fresh. We have created a primer to address each skin issue, with more to come. We are the primer authority!

Q:What’s the key to keeping your face looking fresh all day long?
Minimal makeup with maximum results. Skin that looks naturally fresh, not cakey. Applying makeup the Smashbox way with sheer, thin and natural layers.

Q:What’s the most common makeup mistake you see?
Hiding behind your makeup. Makeup that looks unnatural or mask-like. Makeup should enhance, not mask.

Q:What’s the next big makeup trend you love?
The sky is the limit. We have our finger on the pulse of modern makeup technology, which sets Smashbox apart as a brand. Our studio is our lab, so we have the ability to come up with formulas in the most creative environment and share that with the masses. Our studio is what sets us apart!

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