How to Get Kate Bosworth’s Look from Her Makeup Artist Molly Stern

Kate Bosworth may be one of the most naturally beautiful women in Hollywood, but renowned hair stylist Harry Josh and makeup artist Molly Stern helped take her look to the next level for her shoot, changing up her makeup for multiple shots over the course of a day. We talked to Molly, who tends to such famous faces as Kate Beckinsale, Reese Witherspoon, and Amy Adams, on how to achieve these looks at home and hopefully work some of her brilliance into our own makeup routine! (Seriously, not only is Molly a total doll but she knows more about makeup than practically anyone). Check out Molly’s tips (follow her on Twitter at @mollyrstern) and then shop Kate Bosworth’s Curated Picks on on June 22, starting at noon ET!

Q: How do you plan for changing a look multiple times during a shoot? Does it change your initial steps?
My initial steps are always the same. I feel that if the skin is prepped and glowing from the start you can go anywhere.

Q: How did you prep Kate’s skin? How can women with less perfect skin get such a flawless look at home?
The first think I always do to prep the skin is massage in a serum or moisturizer so that the skin has a layer of moisture to seal in with my foundation. For those with skin that needs a helping hand, a great primer will help smooth out the surface of the complexion so that you can use less foundation for coverage. Less is more when it comes to skin. Cover only what you need to, a full face of foundation is old fashioned. You want to see the real you shine through.

Q: How did you create such a natural but polished look for her initial shots?
My goal is to always bring out what is naturally there on my clients. Same goes for women at home. Pick your best features to focus on and go from there. We spend way too much time worrying about what we don’t like!! With Kate I kept her skin sheer, cheeks flushed and a simple swipe of nude shadow on the lid. A coat of mascara and a just bitten tone on the lips keeps the look finished without being overdone.

Q: What were some of the key products you used to take her look up a notch?
The main change as the look went on was a brighter lip. The way to modernize wearing a bold lip is to turn up the volume when choosing your color. By choosing a shade with a slightly electric feel it gives a nod to the classic red lip with a real fresh twist. Another way to boost your look is to add dusting of a taupe shadow on the lid and under the lash line. It’s a subtle way to smoke out the eye, while still looking fresh.

Q: What is the one product that you use every shoot and why?
I can’t get enough of Josie Maran Argan Moisturizing Stick. It’s great for dry lips, to add over blush if you need a little glow boost, it’s even great on the cuticles!

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