Make Your Perfect Summer Beauty Match with Exude!

The shades and textures may vary, but if you search through your makeup bag and peer at your lipsticks, we’re willing to bet they all look the same. But no longer! Exude is changing the way we apply our lipcolor, with a patented, one-of-a-kind crystal applicator. With each twist, get the perfect amount of lip creme or gloss, without ever wearing down, breaking off or getting smushed inside your cap.

So, it’s no wonder that fans of the brand include uber-stylist and designer Rachel Zoe, who called the line “genius” in her Zoe Report.

And we all know that nothing is hotter right now than a fun pop of color on your nails, so we’ve rounded up standout shades from Deborah Lippman to go with your new Exude lipsticks. Whether you go light pink on your lips and nails or want to get bold with a plum lip and a navy nail for fall, you’ll find your perfect pair here.

Shop on at 12pm ET on August 1, and complete your summer beauty look with fresh hues from innovative lipstick brand Exude and bright colors from nail expert Deborah Lippman.

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  • Did I miss something?! All the items were showing up as "sold out" even before noon today! Was there an early sale event?

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