& Katie Couric Celebrate The Traveling Red Dress

Are you familiar with the story of The Traveling Red Dress? Originally conceived by Jenny Lawson of The Bloggess as a metaphor for reclaiming her self-confidence and indulging secret whims — which took the form of donning an impractical red ballgown just, well, because — The Red Dress has since blossomed into a global movement.

Lawson’s custom-made dress has since traversed the globe and been modeled by countless women looking for a jolt of the extraordinary. Because we love anything that encourages women to embrace their inner beauty queens, Gilt joined Jenny on Katie Couric’s new daytime show Katie, which aired today, and gave red dresses to everyone in the audience. We even gave Katie a red Ava & Aiden sheath to wear on the show and she looked fabulous! And since we’d hate for our members to miss out on the magic, we’re also hosting a fabulous sale on some of our favorite dresses of the moment — all in various shades of red, of course.

Click here to shop The Little Red Dress sale on on Thursday, September 12 at noon ET — and don’t forget to tell your friends!

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  • ? how do I get a free red dress???

  • Like everyone else I was looking how to obtain a red dress?

  • Hi Katie, I watched your show for the first time today. I can related to so much of all these women’s storys. Would love to get that amazing Red Dress of Courage!

  • Would love to one of the 500 watchers to get a free red dress…

  • I would love to get one of those red dresses that you talked about on your show today.

  • How do I get a red dress?

  • Hi Kaite, I watched your show today about the travling red dress and tears came to my eyes. I am a plus size woman and have always felt as though I dont deserve to have anything nice until I loose the weight. And it hit me that I am enough right now and I do deserve everything great. So, I would love to have Red dress as I am now, to celebrate me. Thank you

  • Would love to get one of the 500 red dresses. How can I?

  • Love to have a red dress to match my new body. lost 128 lbs. i want to feel powerful.

  • A RED dress !!! How exciting to own one again ! I havent had a red dress to fit me since the birth of my daughter ( which was a very impowering time in itself ) and that was 18 years ago since that I’ve lost me in the process this sounds like just what i need to get back to beautiful Please show me the way to 1 of the 500 red dresses your offering !!!!!! Thanks for great inspirational shows ! I’ve watched them all !!! Karen

  • Any dresses for seniors, would love to have one a little below the knee. bernwi63@yahoo. How do I get the free one. Red does light me up.

  • Yes, I think it is very interesting that all four women on the show were plus size and not one plus size dress available on –HOW RUDE! I second the comment "once again left out".

  • Yes, I think it is very interesting that all four women featured on the show were plus size and not one plus size dress is available on –HOW RUDE! I second the comment "once again left out…"

  • Hi I watched the show and it inspired me. Ive lost a member of my family, and I would love to get a red dress.

  • Anonymous I, too, saw the show and loved the red dress Katie had on but like the others where
    Sept. 14, 2012 are the plus sizes?
    00:12:20 AM

  • I would love a red dress.

  • It would be nice to be able to find the website that these dresses are to be one so that we are able to get the dresses. anonymous

  • Would could use a red dress of courage!! Caught tonights show & loved it =0)

  • I have fibromylgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and heart problems,and been fighting severe pain for years Seen the show I was so inspired by the woman with there courage! Would love to know where to get the free red dress!

  • Saw your show at 1;00 am, thank a a lot that it was shown at that time, today.
    If a red dress from you and Gilt will remind me that there are still reasons to have the courage to live, then , I would be very glad if you could send me one if there is still one available so I could wear it,go and have fun have pictures outdoors taken, too and just drown myself with fun doing so. Your show enlightened me that I have to think of myself now, for myself, and give more importance to people who truly care for me and not let my love for one person who does not seem to care at all,ruin my relationship with the rest of the world.
    I already did many times showed how I love this person, but, never enough….

  • Sent comment on 09/14/2012 at 03:34 but forgot to leave e -mail address. It is

    MY EMAIL IS: (

  • How do I sign up for Free Red Dress?????

  • Wow! Katie! This "Red Dress" idea is amazing and uplifting for all of us women! :D . I am going through chemotherapy for Breast Cancer and what a great and simple way to make a positive change! I love it!

  • Email: ! This goes with comment above ;)

  • i would love a red dress,im disable in wheelchair but would love to wear a red dress.

  • I tried to complete the application but the site must be having issues……guess not for me!

  • I want a red dress for empowering women. I got on the website at 12 PM sharp and filled out my form and it would not go thru. Your server was not working. : ( I really wanted a RED Dress to wear to go along with my job of Empowering Women. How can I still get one?
    Laurel Baker – Bothell, WA

  • yesterday after I saw the show I went to Gilt web-site but could not find the enter for free dress access, how did I miss it? I did however find a great website complete with home furnishings and food! great site !
    Thank you and love the Katie Show !

  • I am a young 83 year old sassy woman and would love to own a new sexy red dress. How do I get one?
    I cashier for a Senior Center Dance and it would be lovely to show up wearing a red dress from Katie.
    Marie Granados

  • I would Love for my daughter to have some spirit like she had before her marriage. She’s 23 and going though a divorce and has 3 sons and works part-time and trying to get her GED. She’s top in her class ‘she really treys so hard and don’t go out to enjoy life. I try to be there for her and so proud of her. She has her husband she separated from and can’t afford the divorce yet he always putting her down on everything she does. I just want her to know she is a good person and still can enjoy life cause he is. She’s to young to be an old maid.

  • never have felt very pretty compared to other ladies would a red dress help? loved the stories about pictures in a vibrant red dress thankyou katie! email

  • I am 56 and was very moved by the show for a few reasons one is I too have been going through a tough time…out of work and struggling with a disability and having a difficult time realizing I need to go on disability….. I’d rather not mention my other issues…BUT I really would LOVE a RED DRESS Thanks in advance!!!!!! size 14 thank you

  • I sent a message about owning a red dress at 2012.09.14 @15:02 please let me know how to own a red dress….

  • Hi Katie,

    I saw the Traveling Red Dress show. I would really love a free red dress! How can I get one? Red is my favorite color!! Loved the story and your show is a fresh change of energy. Thanks!!

  • i need a nice red dress it will be diferent to get one free , specialy now wen i cant buy one thanks so much if ican get one…………… love your show and carisma be bless………. a

  • size 14 go with abobe masage

  • Hi Katie Now that I am retired I have time to watch your show. I.loved the red dress story. I my getting ready to celebrate my anniversay of 45 years to the love of my life. I would love to be wearing a sexy red dress on that special evening. Could you please tell me how I can have that sexy red dress. My E-mail address is I hope to hear back from you.
    Thank you,

  • Katie
    I love your show! I would love to have a red dress.

  • Katie
    Hi I would love to have a red dress. I lost alot of weight to make myself healthier. I gave up alot of
    thing I wanted but am now suffering with anxiety attacks. It’s hard to overcome alot of things in
    our lives.

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  • did anyone find out how to get one of the dresses?

  • Your show is phenomenal and I have never owned a red dress and would love the opportunit to own one. I’ve also never won anything in my life.

  • Katie: I watched you show for the first time and loved what I saw. I was feeling rather down because I am going through chemo and was feeling sick and sad but the story of those four women brought me hope and courage. I, too would like to get one of those free red dresses.

  • Thank you for my red dress!

  • Cool red dress

  • Hi Katie, I sent an e-mail to your show asking if all of the 200 red dresses were distributed that gilt offered. I never heard back and wondered if you received my e-mail? I do understsand you must have received tons of letters but thought I would like to ask and see if I get a response to this post. Thanks so much. Wishing you a Blessed Day! Janice Johnston

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