More Tips on Figure Flattery from the Style for Hire Stylists

We were so thrilled not only with Stacy London’s answers to our questions about how to look and feel better in our clothes, but also the amazing sale that she and her Style for Hire team put together for, that we went back and asked for even more tips! Samantha Brown and Kim Naci were kind of enough to give tips on everything from slimming your lower body to creating curves. Read on and then shop on to find your perfect pieces!

“In order to minimize a larger bottom half, choose pieces that will keep the attention up around your face and define a waistline to create an hourglass figure. Chunky necklaces, open necklines, and belted dresses are a great way to do this,” says Style for Hire’s Samantha Brown on how to slim your lower body. She suggests looking for A-line skirts in dark colors, boot-cut jeans or trousers in dark washes/colors, tops with embellishment or ruffle detail (to keep the attention off the bottom half), shape wear or hosiery, a wrap dress with a V-neckline, and boat-neck tops. Kim Naci also tells Gilt StyleFile, that “the A-line skirt is the Hanky Panky of silhouettes in that it flatters everyone! Also try full pleats and gathers to add volume.” Naci even suggests following some famous advice, joking “The bigger the necklace, the smaller the hips. (I can still hear Fran Drescher saying the same thing on The Nanny about how Big Hair = Small Hips). Find a chunky necklace to draw eyes up and away from the bottom half.” And don’t forget about the accessories — a nude shoe lengthens the leg, therefore narrowing the bottom.


If you find that your waist and hips are similar in circumference, take Brown’s tips on how to fake a waist. “The easiest way to create a waist is to define it. Place a belt or look for dresses that hit right below your rib cage at your smallest point,” she says. “Create width or interest at the neckline or shoulders and the hem of a skirt or dress to show it off even more.” Items she suggests you shop for: Thick and/or thin belts to go over anything, wrap dresses, peplum tops or dresses, and illusion dresses (dresses with contrasting side panels).

Need to add curves just about everywhere? Brown says, “The best short-cut to create curves is to add ruffles, pleating, or volume to your neckline and lower half. Strategic color-blocking and peplum tops or dresses are another great way to create an hourglass.” Naci echoes the message, explaining “Everything in between should focus on the goal of separating the top from the bottom.” Your shopping list should include tiered dresses or tops, ruched dresses or tops, skirts or dresses with flounce or volume, structured jackets or blazers with a defined waistline, and of course, a padded bra.

Broad shoulders can make balancing your silhouette tricky. Brown explains, “To narrow broad shoulders, look for thick straps, draped and open necklines and detailing that balances the width of your hips. A-line dresses and skirts are ideal.” Naci also loves neck detail with softness, citing “the cowl neck. The sexy, drapey curves created by the extra fabric brings the attention to the center of your neck and collarbone.” When picking our your cowl neck top or dress, she suggests “a soft, lightweight fabric instead of a heavy, sturdy one for tops will camouflage the broadness of the shoulder.” Other winners for this silhouette are full skirts for balance and unstructured tops or cardigans.

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