Rock Your New Year’s Resolution!

New Year’s resolutions may be hard to keep — so whether it’s getting in shape, eating clean or finally getting organized, we’ve rounded up just what you need to stay on track and check off those to-dos in style.

If losing weight and toning up are at the top of your list, outfit yourself with gear that makes you look and feel great. Shop yoga essentials from Beyond Yoga and Prima Studio, splurge on chic running apparel by New Balance and Adidas SLVR, and treat your feet to cool kicks by Saucony, and more. Stock your home gym with the hottest workout DVDs, balls, bands, protein shakes, earbuds, jump ropes, bikes, and more. Plus, making calorie-counting easy with The Fresh Diet food delivery, kitchen scales, and juicers.

Time to give your beauty regime a boost? Us too! Our beauty shop has teeth-whitening kits, lash enhancers, exfoliating facial brushes and miracle-working anti-aging products — all deliver amazing results without adding hours to your routine.

If you’ve got kiddos in your life, it’s important they get enough exercise too, so start their new year off right with Converse track suits and Puma sneakers. Sick of telling them to clean up their rooms? Make this process a cinch with our hand-painted toy boxes, colorful storage cubbies, and more.  And moms (and moms-to-be): get your glow on in 2013! We know you don’t have a ton of time for pampering, but these body butters, soaps, and face washes from Basq and more will do wonders with just a few seconds of slathering.

Rock the Resolution sales start on January 4 at noon ET.

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