Freefall is Back! Your How-To Guide

For those of you who were hooked on Cyber Monday… Gilt Freefall is back! And for those of you newbies out there, here’s everything you need to know about when to visit the site and how it works. Good luck on getting the best deals!

February Freefall will be the most exciting 15 minutes of your day from 11:45 AM – noon ET on February 11 – 22 (weekdays only). Check in at 11:45 AM to preview the items on sale, and then get ready to shop from 11:50 AM – noon. Women’s, Men’s and Kids’ have two sales, each lasting five minutes. The sales feature a limited selection of products, carefully curated by our buyers, and as the minutes tick by, the prices drop. You have to act fast — should you risk losing the product to wait for the lower price? It’s up to you!

Freefall has another unique feature! The item’s price is locked in once you select it, and bypasses going into member’s carts.  Don’t worry if you already have five items in your cart (the max) — we’ll take you straight to checkout to buy that particular item.

See you starting at 11:45 AM ET on Monday, February 11 only on These sales are not on the mobile site or apps — don’t miss them!


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  • This sale is exactly during my morning commute, each and every day. Can you make this sale a bit more west-coast friendly, especially for those of us who start work at 9am? :-D

  • Yeah this sale is not perfect for us west coasters

  • You West-coasters, always wanting perfection! Just kidding.

    If the sales times hopped around, it might make it more fun, and accessible to all.

  • So, where is today’s sale?

  • Yes, where do the freefall sales show up? On the main page?

  • Could not find freefall sale.

  • Please focus more on variations of sales and create a final sale option for items that don’t sell but keep reoccurring in sales. I’d prefer to not get an alert on the same pair of size 7 Grenson boots for 4-6 weeks, when I have an alert set up for that brand. Less parlor tricks, better shopping experience.

  • Yes, us west coasters would like a more convenient time so that we could also take advantage of the free-fall sale.

  • West Coasters: you have no taste anyhow; deal with that or move East with the elite.

  • strange

  • Those "right-Coasters", always mad at us for something. We don’t need to have taste, when our standard uniform is tank tops, flip-flops and bikini’s, hmm… :)

  • You said it best, "You don’t need to have taste…" and you don’t. Enjoy the free fall sale whilst watching a high speed chase, ducking from LAPD gun fire or while injecting your tight expressionless faces with sewage. Two very big middle fingers, dipped in Tofu or whatever you’re topping your pizzas with these days, to all the jerk offs and douches on the left coast.

  • Wow… seriously? That just sums up how happy I am to be on the left coast (on two continents).

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