3 Ways to Wear…Leather

Good news for leather fans (and we don’t mean the 50 Shades variety!): The hotter-than-ever material has maximum versatility during this in-between-season, making it a go-to for wearing in some seriously unexpected places. Girls’ Night Out is a no-brainer, but the office? Believe it — our styling tricks show you how (photos from left):

1. Make it work at work. A leather skirt will totally fly in a business casual office, as long as you keep the cut conservative (we like this not-so-standard pencil) and the rest of your pieces polished. A turtleneck or a crisp button-down will do the trick.

2. Swap your standard cocktail dress. It’s time to give your satin LBD a break and try a leather dress (like this chic silver number) for an evening event instead. They’re super sophisticated–especially in metallic. Add bright shoes and just try not to get noticed.

3. Welcome spring with black + brights. By late February we get a serious itch to bust out the boldest colors in our closets, but to avoid looking like you’re rushing the season, anchor them with black pieces, like this leather pleated skirt. The same formula works with any bright hue and an edgy black leather piece.

For even more versatile pieces that transcend the seasons, check out our Spring Trend sale of the hottest colored leather styles today at noon!

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