Eugenia Kim Shares Her Tips for a Perfect Kentucky Derby Hat Look

Whether you’re headed to Churchill Downs or just calling carpe diem on the ability to drink mint juleps in the middle of the day, chances are you’ll want a fab hat to help celebrate the Kentucky Derby this weekend. We asked headwear designer Eugenia Kim (whose pieces are featured in our Derby Day Style sale!) to weigh in with a few tips for pulling off the look, even if you don’t consider yourself a hat person.

1. It’s all about the attitude “If you feel like you look silly, you will,” Eugenia says. “Confidence is the key, you have to own your look!”

2. Choose a hat with longevity “Our perennial favorites are our big, brimmed sunhats like the Bunny or the Sunny–especially the striped ones. They are eye-catching and dramatic, but you’ll also get a lot of mileage out of them after the Derby is over.”

3. Dress like yourself “If your personality is more subdued, you might be happier letting your hat do the talking, and go for a more minimal dress and simple earrings,” Eugenia says. “If you’re bold, why not play it up with a patterned dress and fun jewelry as well!”

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