The Top 10 Reasons to Read The Zoe Report


If you’re in the can’t-get-enough camp when it comes to Rachel Zoe (us too!), you best get subscribing to The Zoe Report, her insider-y newsletter full of beauty scoop, blogger profiles, and the celeb stylist’s personal picks for the chicest of the chic. Need even more reasons?

10. It’s the perfect place to look for cameo appearances by the world’s best dressed baby, AKA Skyler Berman.

9. You can download playlists every week to hear the same songs they’re listening to at RZHQ.

8. If you don’t, you’ll literally die.

7. You’ll learn what kind of tools are in a stylist’s secret arsenal (fashion tape is a must).

6. Admit it: You miss your weekly dish sesh with Rodger. Here’s a way to vicariously catch up.

5.  You can legitimately learn how to wear a crop top without looking like an 80s fashion victim.

4. It’s beeeeey-ond maje. Beyond.

3. Hair how-tos from Rachel’s beauty guru, Joey Maalouf–hello, almost as good as having him in your hotel room at Paris Fashion Week.

2. Even Gwyneth wants to be like her.

1. You could win a $2,000 shopping spree on GILT! Two lucky runners-up will also win $500 shopping sprees–what are you waiting for!?

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