Get to Know the Courtin-Clarins Girls (& Snag Their Beauty Secrets!)

They’re young, they’re stunning, they have French accents and closets full of couture, and oh, did we mention the lovely Courtin-Clarins girls were born into beauty–literally? They’re heiresses to the Clarins empire, by way of their grandfather, Jacques, and they’ve become global representatives in the family business of getting gorgeous. We’ve got insider beauty secrets from Prisca, Jenna, Virginie, and Claire Courtin-Clarins all in our sale on GILT today–before you shop, get to know these chic-as-can-be ladies in this video from their Beauty Flash Blog, then find out which products they can’t live without.

We asked the Courtin-Clarins ladies….”What’s the one beauty product you could never live without?” Turns out there are a few obvious family favorites:

Jenna: “There are a lot!!!  I would say the Skin Illusion Foundation no. 112 for the makeup, The Tonic Body Treatment Oil for the body and the new Double Serum for the face.”

Virginie: “Double Serum – I love this serum, it’s two serums in one. My grandfather invented this formula the year I was born and now, 27 years later, it has been perfected by our scientists and it is like magic potion for your skin!”

Prisca: “I cannot live without my Tonic Body treatment Oil – That I use every day after a cold shower rinse. It’s actually much better for your skin to have a cold rinse after a warm shower, as it prevents the loss of moisture and it prevents loss of elasticity and aging of the body skin. This is what we recommend at Clarins spas everywhere.”

Claire: “Not easy to choose as I love many so much but I would say the Relax Body Treatment Oil. It smells so good as it’s made from all natural plant ingredients and it’s very soothing for the skin and the mind!”

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