11 Ways to Wear the Cambridge Satchel

Street style disciples can spot The Cambridge Satchel Company’s iconic carryalls from miles away — and their debut on Gilt today means you have a chance to catch The Sartorialist’s eye with yours, too. The Brit It bags — made major by bloggers and It girls like Alexa Chung — can be styled in infinite ways. Get inspired by 11 of the chicest here, then pick your color: Fluorescent green, patent turquoise and red, antique gold, or the newly minted classic, oxblood.


Photos (in slideshow order): pinterest.com/pin/3377768440828305/, dustjacketattic.blogspot.com.au/2013/02/mix-it-up.html, pinterest.com/pin/168181367304754660/, ww5.lepetitenest.com/, thechicdepartment.tumblr.com/, web.stagram.com/p/173900977115604588_2301128#lYIA7PtZM6vrjXvH.32, www.tumblr.com/login?redirect_to=%2Fblog%2Fakeise, richesforrags.tumblr.com/post/29646353323, this-is-a-fashion-blog.tumblr.com/post/37024329436, pinterest.com/pin/27936460160160143/, downlo.tumblr.com/post/1707930331/i-love-the-leather-satchels-from-cambridge-satchel
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