A Day in the Life of Timo Weiland (& Design Partner Alan Eckstein)

You may not have heard of this design duo yet, but Anna Wintour and Diane von Furstenberg have. They were part of a committee that selected Weiland and Eckstein (who co-helm the Timo Weiland brand) for the CFDA incubator program — a prestigious honor previously held by the likes of Prabal Gurung and Sophie Theallet — and an outline of their busy lives couldn’t be more indicative of their on-the-cusp status, from rubbing elbows with the doyenne of downtown fashion herself, Mrs. von Furstenberg, to spinning their favorite rock hits (from punk to glam) at the Jane Hotel’s rooftop for a weekly DJ gig.

We asked the two, who share a common admiration for Dries Van Noten (“always an ongoing love and inspiration”) and are rarely apart, to chronicle a typical Thursday for us with a few candid camera phone snaps. Here’s what we got!

A surprise studio visit to our office in the CFDA Fashion Incubator by CFDA President Diane von Furstenberg. Eckstein, far left, and Weiland flank the iconic designer.

Waking up to my dog Coconut, enjoying some sun. Williamsburg resident Eckstein explains the perils of walking in the Garment District (where the brand’s offices are located), “She’s an 8-pound dachshund, so there are a million almost step-ons every single freaking day.”

Rise and shine at home in Greenwich Village. Weiland basks in a picturesque view near his apartment en route to work.

Cup of joe at an early CFDA meeting in their headquarters. With accolades (and major opportunities) piling up, has Timo Weiland had their “we’ve made it” moment? Weiland says, “It’s an ongoing thing. You can have infinity of those in your life, because you never feel like you have after it sets in. You know, something great happens and then you’re on to the next thing.” Eckstein continues, “I don’t know if we’re searching for that moment either. We’re having these awesome minor successes that we really love, and then we’re also having small crises here and there.”

Fabric sourcing — the never-ending job for a designer. Eckstein muses on the future of their label: “To have a brand that’s lasting and then everyone is so stoked to be there — that’s what we want in the future. We don’t want to be that overnight success or some fad. We just want to produce a great, quality product that people look attractive in.”

Meeting with our Men’s Sales Director, Taylor Okata — looks like we picked the same outfit today. “We stay true to our roots,” Eckstein says, “And I think our girl and our guy remain the same person they’ve been. Our guy is really stemmed from Timo’s and my head like how we feel about style and design, and our girl is a girl that we’re friends with, a girl we know very well.”

Gorgeous sunset for a rooftop meeting with our stylist Catherine Newell-Hanson. The pair’s favorite color palette? “Muted brights,” Weiland notes. “If there’s a yellow, we’re probably going to have a paler, more matte shade.”

Dinner party with fashion BFFs Kristian Laliberte, Danielle and Jodie Snyder of DANNIJO, Emerson Barth of IMG Models, and Miguelina Gambaccini. Weiland says the brand’s go-to girl is “definitely a tomboy pretty girl. She has a sporty side, with uptown roots and a downtown attitude.”

Snack time at Café Gitane in route to our weekly DJ gig on Thursdays at the Jane Hotel’s rooftop. When they aren’t meeting with factories, cutting samples, meeting with PR, and designing, Eckstein says, “The two of us actually eat at the same place every day — Hale & Hearty. I get this huge salad. Timo gets soup…You gotta stay healthy. I never really did. I ate pizza every day for three years. Now I’m learning to be better.”

Ending the day with a DJ session at The Jane. The twosome perform as “Timo and Alan” — “pretty easy name,” Eckstein says. “Or we go by ‘T & A’ for our crazier parties.” And what’s in heavy rotation? “Iggy Pop and David Bowie, back to back. And T-Rex. I think we’re really big music and movie fans. Nothing is more provocative than great musicians for us.”

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