Closet Envy: Go Inside Erin Fetherston’s Wardrobe

Fans of Erin Fetherston’s decidedly feminine designs—she has the ethereal, modern romance thing down to a science—won’t be surprised to learn that her own closet is overflowing with lace, chiffon, floaty dresses, and vintage finds amassed through a lifetime of collecting. “These days, it seems like the most amazing vintage is available online, for seekers with the patience to browse through sites like Esty and,” Erin tells us. “Shareen’s is my favorite vintage store in Los Angeles.”

Her own wardrobe serves as a kind of time capsule of her life, holding everything from her the samples from her first-ever collection—“They mean the most to me because I made them with my own two hands from start to finish,” she says—to the $18 heart-shaped handbag from her Erin Fetherston for Target collection.

And while we didn’t get a glimpse at her wedding gown—you’ll have to wait until the September issue of Martha Stewart Weddings lands on newsstands to see what she wore to marry Cobra Starship frontman Gabe Saporta—she did let us know that she designed it herself and it took more than 100 hours to make.

Having serious closet envy, like we are? Get your own piece of her style with the Erin Fetherston event, today on Gilt.

Photos: courtesy of Erin Fetherston
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