Meet The Editors: People StyleWatch’s Fashion Team Shops For Fall

This fall, prepare to get dressed like a fashion editor: We’ve teamed up with People StyleWatch to let you shop straight from the pages of their September issue, with picks from three of their chicest staffers. Get to know them, then shop the curated sale starting August 19th at noon EST.

Kate Dimmock, Fashion Director

SF: Describe your personal style–how do you use what you wear to tell people who you are?
KD: I’m really a chameleon, I don’t identify myself with one look.  I dress how I feel at the moment and I enjoy trying new trends.  I will say that I try to take the more sophisticated route when it comes to something new (as in, if it’s all about leather skirts you’ll find me in the pencil version rather than the flippy mini) and I’m definitely a girl’s girl but I think being open to new trends makes me a better fashion journalist. 

SF: What’s the oldest thing in your closet?
KD: I think certain cocktail dresses never go out of style. I have one I bought at an Oscar de la Renta sample sale eight years ago that I just wore for the first time and everyone went bananas. I also recently wore the dress my mother wore to her engagement party–a total Mad Men-esque, 50s style figure-hugging dress–and I felt so chic.

SF: What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever worn?
KD: Okay I was of fashion sporting age in the 80’s so I’ve got a lot to get over.  Based on several compromising photos I must have thought Bananarama was looking for a fourth member.  Apparently I thought bicycle shorts over black tights with a blazer and Dock Martins was a good work look.

SF: How can the average gal channel a fashion editor this fall?
KD: Fashion editors care the most about their bag, their coat and their shoes..  Those are the most important items and if you get those right, the rest of your outfit can be jeans and a T-shirt.

Regina Gardiner, Senior Accessories Editor

SF: How would you describe your personal style?
RG: I tend to favor tailored, minimal, classic, elegant, unfussy, and timeless fashion.  I follow all the trends for for my job at the magazine, but when it comes to personal style, I like to remain classic. I go for elegant, yet easy going looks. I really, really love well-made items. I’m a sucker for beautiful fabrics, little details and fantastic tailoring!

SF: If you could raid any celeb’s closet, who would you choose?
RG: Sofia Coppola. She always has a relaxed but elegant, classy look to her.

SF: What three items are you most lusting after from the fall 2013 runways?
RG: Burberry Prorsum’s wine colored latex pencil skirt, Cèline’s navy oversized coat, and Calvin Klein Collection’s mid-calf belted leather dress.

Marissa Rubin, Senior Market Editor

SF: What’s the one outfit that makes you feel the most “you”?
MR: As a Libra, there is never just one definitive anything.  So I’m going to say it’s a toss-up between a flirty minidress paired with tough, spiky jewelry–to counter the femininity–and an embellished top worn with leather jodphurs and bright colored pumps.

SF: What are the three fall 2013 runway items you’re must lusting after?
MR: A novelty sweatshirt–be it in neoprene, python-embossed leather, or a quilted mixed material–I am most excited to sport this unexpectedly chic top. Luxe leathers–be it a trumpet hem miniskirt, a slouchy jogging pant, or boxy tee–I am living for anything in this sleek and stylish skin. Jaw-dropping embellishment–be it a top, a pant, or a statement necklace–I am thrilled by the explosion of sparkle and shine on the runway.  A bejeweled piece just makes any look extra special.

SF: How can the average gal channel a fashion editor this fall?
RG: Well, without a doubt read PSW’s September Fall Fashion issue to get the full list of your MUST HAVES for the season.  Then focus in on the styles that most suit your personality and taste—you don’t need to embrace everything!  Editors certainly don’t!  We tend to covet a few specialty pieces that will update and refresh our current wardrobe.  So to truly channel your inner fashion editor embrace the mix—old and new, high and low, runway and real way.  A fashion editor acknowledges the trends…and redefines them with her own style. Because if you really love something and feel great in it, then nothing else matters.

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