Kate Somerville Shares Her Secrets For Glowing Skin

If Kate Somerville‘s A-list fan club (Jessica Alba, Debra Messing) isn’t enough to convince you of her skincare products’ prowess, perhaps her own glowing complexion can. She’s a pioneer in the world of medical spa treatments, and now you can get the same effects at home, thanks to the Kate Somerville sale on Gilt today. We caught up with her to get her best tips for caring for your skin.

1. There are just three easy steps to gorgeous skin. Exfoliate, hydrate and moisturize! After the summer, skin is dehydrated, and needs extra attention. Following these three steps will put the love back into your skin.

2. When I’m traveling, I steep green tea bags and put two metal spoons on ice. Then, I apply the tea bags over my eye area for ten minutes. After I remove the tea bags, I apply Line Release Eye Cream, then massage around my eye area with the cold spoons. This trick instantly reduces puffiness.

3. The best advice I’ve ever been given was by Barbara Wells, the most inspirational woman I’ve ever known. She told me I had a choice in life, and I was in control of my destiny. She empowered me to take action and live how I wanted to live. There is such a connection between our emotional and physical self. Our skin reflects what’s going on in our heads and our hearts. Healthy, beautiful skin is a result of a healthy spirit, body and mind. When you feel good about yourself and your path, you will be radiant.

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