Beyond the Blowout: Romantic Holiday Hair From the Pros

If you’re noticing a trend in past holiday party snaps — a super-sleek blowout in every pic — it’s time mix things up a bit for this year’s round of festivities. Ditch the stick-straight locks and opt for a little romance with these two celeb-inspired styles: Julianne Hough’s chic braided updo and Jessica Alba’s elegant retro waves. We asked three of our favorite beauty brands for tips on how to nail these looks — now snap up each of their pro-grade products and tools to recreate the look at home.

Photo c/o Beauty Darling

- “Apply a few pumps of serum to freshly towel-dried hair in a downward motion, as if your hands are like the two sides of a flat iron. Comb through from roots to ends and rough dry hair with your fingers. Section hair to be braided from each side of your natural part and then discreetly intertwine ends with bobby pins.” – GLOSS Moderne

– “Brush your hair out, pin it into sections, and weave in a loose French braid or coronet. The key here: Don’t aim for exact precision. Braids that look a little piece-y are flattering; they have a soft, effortless vibe that’s very sexy and romantic.” – Philip B

 Photo c/o Sascha Breuer

 – “One main thing to keep in mind when doing this style is “dry and dirty”. Hair won’t be as soft and slippery as it is when clean, and it holds curl so much better. Set hair in hot rollers or create barrel curls with a curling iron. Start at the top front of the head and use sections a little less wide and a little less thick than the iron or roller you’re working with — 1-1.5″ is ideal. Be mindful of your heat: the finer the hair, the lower the temp.” – Caroline Chu

– “With large hot rollers, make sure to roll the top sections of your hair away from your face. Let the rollers cool, then take them out and run a vent brush through your hair to coax it into supple waves. At this point, I rub 1-2 drops of anti-frizz serum between my palms and smooth them over the surface of the hair to obliterate any flyaways.” – Philip B

– “A 2″ barrel curling iron creates large voluminous waves throughout the hair. A very small amount of serum may be rubbed strategically to highlight hair, maximizing shine and creating a super high-gloss finish…it’s like lipgloss for your hair!” – GLOSS Moderne

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