Handbag Designer Khirma Eliazov Shares Her Holiday Accessorizing Tips

We’re guessing your dance card is about to be pretty filled up with holiday fetes, and you’re going to need a few killer ways to update last season’s LBD. Enter Khirma Eliazov, the handbag designer whose hot exotics have been spotted on everyone from Blake Lively to Jennifer Lopez, to dish up some accessorizing tips just in time for festive dressing. Read her advice, then scoop up one of her chic pieces in tonight’s sale on Gilt.

StyleFile: What’s your approach to holiday party dressing? Do you like to let your handbag be the highlight?
Khirma Elizaov: It varies really. I love wearing bright clothing and accessorizing with a chic little black bag or something with a little bit of shimmer, especially around the holidays. But I have been known to plan an outfit around a bold red or bright fuchsia handbag.

SF: If a woman can only invest in one handbag this season, what should it be?
Our Batasha clutch has definitely been a favorite this season. The emulate on the top clasp is called a Dorje, which is a Bhutanese good luck charm. My friend gave me a turquoise Dorje after attending her wedding two years ago and it has definitely brought me good luck!

SF: What must-haves do you stash in your bag when you’re on the party circuit?
Sticking to the basics when attending events is always best: keys, credit card, iPhone and business cards. I also can’t go anywhere without my lipstick and travel-sized perfume.

SF: Be honest: How many handbags do you own? Any favorites you use over and over again?
Luckily, I have a showroom full of samples to use because I don’t keep many at home! I try to change it up based on our newest collection but I often find myself going back to my favorite crocodile Herzog or python Mignonne pouch [pictured]. There’s a Mignonne pouch that I’ve been carrying around for over a year because it’s so convenient when traveling—it’s one of our shapes that just gets better over time!


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