Holiday with Soludos: Founder Nick Brown Shares His Photo Diary

It should surprise no one that Nick Brown, founder of Soludos — the go-to espadrille brand that exists on a philosophy of “the everlasting spirit of summer” — has a habit of chasing sunshine in far-flung locales. “I’m very lucky, as travel is such a big part of what I do,” Nick tells us. “I’m always on the go — it keeps me inspired and energized.” To celebrate the launch of Soludos on Gilt, we asked him to share his camera roll with us to see where his espadrilles have been. Catch some wanderlust, then snag a pair of your own for a much-needed nod to summer.

“Not a bad office for the day — banana and avocado plantation in Tenerife, Canary Islands this past October where we shot an upcoming project for Spring 14.”

“Making friends with the locals in Playa El Tunco outside San Salvador for a chill but humbling weekend surfing in El Salvador with friends.”

“The black sands of Playa El Tunco in El Salvador — early mornings but the ceviche tastes so much better after the surf gives you few tumbles.”

“The beautiful little colonial cobblestone streets of Tiradentes in Minas Gerais, Brazil is a hidden gem in the middle of Brazil, far away from the crowded beaches of Rio.”

“This is one of my favorite pics, taken at sunset on December 31, 2012. Went for a last swim with a good mate of mine in the icy cold waters of Cape Town to close out the year.”

“En route to the beautiful rural Sandy Bay Beach outside Cape Town — and yes, to our surprise, a nudist beach where everyone literally lets it all hang out. Wild dolphins and seals were swimming just off the beach — such an amazing day.”

“Es Torrent Beach, Ibiza — few things better than a long swim in the giant bathtub that is the Mediterranean in the summer, especially after some traditional paella at Es Torrent.”

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